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We're Right For You!

The Professional Organizers at The Dotted i make getting organized less stressful! Clients love working with them because they're positive, energetic and efficient.   


  • Overwhelmed: drowning in stuff and feel so overwhelmed that you don't even know where to start?

  • Guilty: love to have friends over, but too embarrassed about how your house looks to even consider it?

  • Confused: have so much on your desk that you can't think straight?

  • Worried: Have to clear out your parents' house but can't take that much time off work? 

  • Frustrated: can't find what you need?

  • Exasperated: ready to make a change and can't take it anymore?

  • Stressed: downsizing and need to declutter, but it seems daunting - how to get it all done in time?

  • Confounded: not really sure how to use your technology to make your life easier?

We help you declutter, even if you've had no luck doing it yourself!

We help you go through items and decide what to do with them!

We tackle an area that just needs the stuff organized!

We are professional, non-judgmental, confidential, and empathetic!

We have the experience to improve both your home and your small business! 

"You did exactly what you said you would. I had an idea about how I wanted my house to look and you got rid of the clutter and helped me make some really tough decisions. I'm very sentimental and it was overwhelming to do by myself - you gently reminded me of my goals and that made it easier to let go of so much." - Louise C., Ridgewood, NJ
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